Lovely Marillyn from “Just Making Noise” and living in Costa Rica with her family asked me to be her Sweet Wholesome Wednesday special guest and I proudly accepted, no one has ever asked me to be a guest on a blog, so I was very flattered. I really wanted to make something that would fit her cooking style, and make it wholesome. So I substituted regular milk to this recipe with almond milk, which is quite nutritious and healthy.

You should check her blog, she has the most amazing recipes and composition of fruits, healthy desserts and nutritious dishes made with wholesome and natural products. Living in Costa Rica, you must find the most exotic and freshest fruits we can dream of here. She even promised me to make homemade Nutella with organic hazelnuts. How exciting is that?

After being indecisive (as usual) about my dessert, and going back and forth between French or Italian, I decided to go ahead with this classic and traditional French dessert called “Oeufs à la neige” (eggs “snow-style”). A fluffy meringue cooked in vanilla milk laying on top of a vanilla custard.

If you want to get the recipe of “Oeufs à la neige” check it out, it’s on her blog, “Just Making Noise



Thanks Marillyn! It was great making this special dessert for you, just hope you like it! It was an honor to be your special guest. Merci encore et à bientôt !