Un virus qui m’a rendue malade

I am sorry for the inconvenience this site might have caused those of you who have tried to get on Citron et Vanille over the weekend, you might wonder what had happened to this blog.

Thanks to Brianne from Brie Le Grand Fromage (Thanks so much Brie!), who emailed me on Sunday night (after a great wedding celebration), to inform me she could not access any of my posts, due to a redirection to some weird and scary computer files screen, I realized that someone put a virus/malware in my files therefore corrupted the whole blog and site. I am wondering who could be that evil and sick enough to do such a thing? most of all, what is the purpose of doing such a thing other than destroying someone’s work for no reason?

I had absolutely no idea that this was going on, because this particular virus was not detectable by my Mac, but only through a PC…so I had to test it on the old PC never used, to actually realize that this was just a crazy and scary virus, redirecting me to some strange site and forcing me to shut down my computer.

Basically, we had to delete E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and restart from scratch, good thing I backed up all the site, otherwise it would have been, bye bye Citron Et Vanille!

I was working on a brand new look and feel for my site and blog which would have been a lot more polished and sophisticated than this one with cool features but unfortunately due to this incident, this was such an emergency situation, that I had no other choice than move everything in a quick manner, so here we are. It’s different, it’s orange, it’s simple, but it will get better within the next weeks.

I will not mention either that the graphic designer or so called I originally hired to redesign my site, turned out to be another scam, he was paid half to start the project but since he was no graphic designer, he was incapable of even understanding the basics of web design.

It seems like I have not been that lucky with this whole thing…but c’est la vie, and even if I spend a few nights without sleep, I will be back on my feet with more recipes, even if someone out there wanted to get rid of me. On ne se débarasse pas de moi comme ca! I really do appreciate Brie’s help, sometimes, if you see something strange happening to a blog, it’s worth spending a few minutes telling the author, it can really make a difference!