Catering & Classes


Entertaining has never been easier!

If you are planning a small casual party with just a few guests or a large formal gathering, I’ll be happy to organize it for you.
Many eclectic or more traditional menus are available, I do offer customized menus based on budget requirements.

Cooking classes

Learn how to cook new meals, in the comfort of your kitchen, using your utensils

After a free preliminary consultation to determine the specific dish you would like to prepare, I will come to your home with fresh groceries and provide an initial background on the dish as well as the region it originated from.
At this point, the class begins and I will detail the process, composition and techniques used in the preparation.
Guests can of course participate and there will be hands on training because we understand that cooking is a tactile art and there is nothing more fun and beneficial to learn how to cook than to as we say in French “mettre les mains a la p√Ęte”, litterally translated by “put your hands in the dough”.

Classes are available one-on-one or as a group and can be taught in your choice of English, French or Italian. Kill two birds with one stone: Practice your favorite language and learn how to make your favorite dishes.


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