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Roasted acorn squash with honey, cumin and coriander – Tahini and kefir yogurt sauce

Courge acorn rôtie au miel, cumin et coriandre, – Sauce au kefir et tahini   This recipe is long overdue, I started it a while ago before my trip, and I decided to finish it while in France. Vegan cuisine is starting to be popular here too, at least a lot of Vegan cooking books are seen on the [...]

Rise and fall – Carrot, acorn squash and taleggio soufflé with goat milk

Attention ca retombe vite! – Soufflé aux carottes, courge et taleggio au lait de chêvre I cannot tell you for how long I wanted to make this soufflé with goat milk. I made a vegetable gratin with goat milk that was delicious so I wanted to use this delicate milk in a soufflé and see what would [...]
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