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Shrimp and spinach bastilla

Bastilla de crevettes et épinards   I have made chicken bastilla quite often but never with shrimps. Originally, I was thinking of a vegetarian version, then I thought shrimps would be a good idea. Bastilla is a Moroccan dish usually filled with meat or fish/seafood and wrapped in filo dough, [...]

Gluten free almond cake

Gâteau aux amandes sans gluten I have been playing around with this recipe for a while, changing quantities and I finally managed to like this version which is moist and soft. I am not necessarily pro or against gluten. I think if people have problems with it, then it should be removed from one’s [...]

A less famous polenta – Sweet polenta cake with strawberry-rhubarb compote

Una polenta sconosciuta – Polenta dolce con salsa alle fragole e rabarbaro Sometimes I like to feature recipes that did not travel too far, like this one. I went for dinner at a Basque restaurant in San Francisco a few nights ago and one of the dessert item was “gâteau de maïs à la compote de [...]

An ancient tart – Poppy seed tartlets Lorraine

Une ancienne tarte – Tartelettes sucrées au pavot This tart is an old specialty from Lorraine, to be more precise, the city of Toul (a very small town near Nancy), which no one in the US probably knows where it is nor how to pronounce it…nothing wrong with it, since most French people don’t know [...]

An ancient tradition – The galette of "The Kings"

Une ancienne tradition – La galette des Rois Yes, it’s this time of the year again. Every January 6, in France we celebrate La Galette des Rois (rois = kings), for the pleasure of kids and adults too. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like Galette des Rois. It’s this sweet thing that even non-sweet [...]

That’s not for Pépito! – Green tea, coconut, and almond bouchées

Ca, ce n’est pas pour Pépito! – Bouchées au thé vert matcha, à la noix de coco et poudre d’amandes I just adopted the most adorable white parakeet and named him Pépito (named after some chocolate cookies in France when I was growing up called Pépito, they were cookies covered with milk chocolate [...]
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