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Bergamot, sweet memories – Apple tarts with bergamot and raspberry jam

La bergamote, souvenirs sucrés – Tarte aux pommes, à la bergamote et confiture de framboises I didn’t want to feature another dessert, but it was just impossible due the circumstances and to the encounter with an amazing citrus. I found the wonderful bergamot at my favorite store, which I never [...]

Pom pom pom, I want some apples – Apple tart with raisins and calvados

Pom pom pom, envie de pommes – Tarte aux pommes aux raisins secs et calvados There are as many apple tart recipes, than there are people…I bought tons of apples for my parakeet Pepita (it turned out she is a girl) but then I have ants all over the place, that drives me insane and they go all over [...]
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