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Artichokes are back in town – Tagine of artichokes, chickpeas, potatoes, red peppers and olives

Les artichauts sont de retour – Tagine d’artichauts, pois chiches, pommes de terre, poivrons, et olives vertes It looks like artichoke season is starting and you see them come out on the shelves, one of the largest producer being close to the Bay Area in Castroville (they claim to be the artichoke [...]

Small dish but big flavors – Eggs cocotte with cream of zucchini, sundried tomatoes and artichokes

Petit plat mais grandes saveurs – Oeufs cocotte, crème de courgette, tomates séchées et artichauts Oeufs cocotte can be simple, refined, original, creative, or whatever you want them to be. No one can resist the charm of those more contemporary “oeufs cocotte“. The traditional oeufs cocotte were [...]

Two friends in a pan – Radicchio and artichoke casserole

Due amici in padella – Radicchio di Chioggia e carciofi in teglia Radicchio al forno is a typical Northern Italian dish. I somehow added a little touch to it, by adding artichokes and topping it all with breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley. Artichokes and radicchio go perfectly well together, the [...]

Do you know Alain Carro? – Artichokes with squid from Alain Carro

Vous connaissez Alain Carro? – Artichauts et calamars d’Alain Carro I got a beautiful book for my birthday called Culina Mediterranea, the book must weight about 10 lb, is 4 inches thick, I can only read the book if it’s laying on a table, it’s too heavy to carry and impossible to be reading it [...]

Little artichoke, how I missed you!…Artichokes, shrimps, farro and rucola salad with avocado oil and basil vinaigrette

Carciofino, come mi sei mancato!…insalata di carciofi, gamberi, farro e rucola Beautiful artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables, especially the baby ones…they’re small, tender, and make beautiful and delicious dishes. The only draw back is the preparation, and trimming, since it can take [...]
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