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As good as it looks – Yams tartine with avocado mash, zucchini tagliatelle and edamame, grey lava salt

Aussi bon que ça en à l’air – Tartine de yam à l’avocat, tagliatelle de courgettes et edamame, sel gris de lave Time flies and my trip back home is sadly over. As years go by, it’s more difficult to be far away from my friends and family, probably because as you grow older, you realize what the [...]

When the sun is hiding – Broccoli, cumin and feta galettes, saute kale, butter bean avocado salad

Quand le soleil se cache – Galettes de brocoli au cumin et feta, salade de haricots, avocat à la menthe Believe it or not, this dish belongs to the express category. Today feeling exhausted and hungry, and not in the best mood, probably because of a foggy weather (San Francisco weather in the [...]

Nice to meet you Mexico! – Stuffed avocado with shrimp and octopus cocktail

Encatada de conocerte México! – Coctel de camarónes y pulpo Not that I am starting to deviate into Mexican cuisine, but since I just got back from Cabos San Lucas last night, I wanted to pursue my Mexican and seafood adventures with this refreshing and delicious cocktail. The abundance of [...]

The no-guilt fish – Brioche toasts with smoke marinated herrings, grilled onions and egg, avocado sauce

Le poisson qui ne rend pas coupable – Toasts de brioche, aux filets de harengs marines, oignons grillés, oeuf et sauce à l’avocat Thanks so much to everyone who shared its experience with bad hair cuts the other day, not that I felt better when looking at myself in the mirror but at least I know [...]

Ready for a chill? – Chilled avocado and cucumber soup

Prêts pour l’été? – Soupe d’avocat et concombre froide pimentée Il y a du citron mais pas de vanille! Doesn’t this feel like summer? I am so ready for it…well a real summer somewhere…where it’s warm and sunny, where you can wear tank tops without a sweater on top, and where the fog doesn’t make [...]

The sandwich for uncomplicated people – Spicy chicken herb patty sandwich

Le sandwich pour les gens pas compliqués – Sandwich aux boulettes de poulet épicé et herbes One day I was challenged and told that I am incapable to do simple things, all I do is complicated (maybe that matches my complicated mind as well, since I am known to be une fille assez compliquée!) so I [...]

A different kind of tartare – Salmon tartare with wasabi, sesame seeds and avocado

Un tartare un peu différent – Tartare de saumon, wasabi, sésame et avocat This is such an overdue post, since this salmon has been one of my favorites for such a long time. I used to make a similar tartare with ahi tuna (or as we call it in France thon rouge, red tuna), but due to the extinction [...]

A Crunchy bite – Spring salad with fresh chick peas, baby carrots, avocado and ricotta salata

Méli-mélo croquant – Salade de printemps aux pois chiches frais, carottes naines et ricotta salée After the seafood month, I thought it was about time to celebrate springs, at least in California. The beauty about California is that they grow a lot of fruits and vegetables and you get quite a lot [...]

Like Pisa tower – Tower salad of crab, grapefruit, pomegranate, avocado and watercress

Come la torre di Pisa – Torre con granchio, pompelmo, avocado, melagrana e crescione I have wanted one of those rings where you make salad towers for so long and could not find any…after digging Sur La Table, I finally found one completely random since it was hiding in the spatula and spoon [...]
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