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A brioche’s cousin – Sugar tart

Une cousine de la brioche – Tarte au sucre In was in France for a few weeks and anytime I go home, I have a “blogger’s block”. I get caught in a different kind of life and dynamic and do not feel like cooking nor taking pictures of any kind. Now I am back and of course back to my routine. I still [...]

Bread or brioche? – Raisin bread with a swirl

Pain ou brioche? – Pain au raisins en spirale I reconciled with cinnamon thanks to Rui, my lovely Japanese neighbor. I decided I didn’t like cinnamon after moving to the US, where cinnamon is used in almost every dessert. I think I had a cinnamon overdose and refused to eat anything where I could [...]

The no-guilt fish – Brioche toasts with smoke marinated herrings, grilled onions and egg, avocado sauce

Le poisson qui ne rend pas coupable – Toasts de brioche, aux filets de harengs marines, oignons grillés, oeuf et sauce à l’avocat Thanks so much to everyone who shared its experience with bad hair cuts the other day, not that I felt better when looking at myself in the mirror but at least I know [...]

Tart for those who don’t like desserts – Tart-brioche with coconut, fromage blanc and pineapple

La tarte pour ceux qui n’aiment pas les desserts – Tarte briochée à la noix de coco, fromage blanc et ananas My good friend Ute came for dinner, she is German, I am Franco-Italian and we have exactly the same tastes, likes and dislikes as far as food and cuisine is concerned. We love the same [...]

Pudding or not pudding? – Mini mango, coconut and brioche pudding with caramel

Pudding or not pudding? – Mini pudding à la mangue, noix de coco et brioche au caramel I am not sure this can be called pudding, but a friend of mine came for dinner some time ago and I served her this as a dessert, and she said with enthusiasm “Oh Silvia! j’adore ton pudding!!”, so I figured she [...]

A Simple brioche – One French brioche among others

Une brioche toute simple, mais si moelleuse – Une brioche parmi tant d’autres This brioche is simple, quite unpretentious and low-key, light, fluffy but nonetheless very tasty, just like we enjoy to have on some mornings with butter, jam and strong coffee. There are many versions and kinds of [...]

A thought for my best friend – Cake of the crumb fairy for Chantal

Pensée pour ma meilleure amie – Gâteau de la fée aux miettes pour Chantal I woke up this morning with a text message from my best friend in France, Chantal. Her message was “Impossible de t’appeler pour l’instant – Pense a toi – Ta Bichette qui t’aime” literally translated by “Cannot call you [...]
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