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I wish I could swim – Nage of Moonfish with fava beans and carrots

J’aurais aimé savoir nager – Nage d’opah avec fèves et carottes Opah or moonfish is found in Hawaii and has a fatty flesh, somehow like tuna and salmon. It’s a unique fish due to its flat and round shape and color. I really like its texture and you can prepare like you would any fish with that [...]

The jealousy of the salmon – Salmon à l'orange on braised fennel

La jalousie du saumon – Saumon à l’orange sur fenouil braisé The salmon got a little jealous and was raving to be coated with a citrusy orange sauce too, because he thought that not only canard can be made “à l’orange”, he was the perfect candidate for the title too…and he was. On peut faire plein [...]

The poor soup – Passatelli revisited with chards and carrots

La povera zuppa – Passatelli in brodo vegetale con bietole e carote I had a conversation with my mom this morning, she told me she made passatelli, suddenly I got the irresistible urge to make them too. When I lived at home, I was never a fan of them, probably because that soup was served way too [...]

Another version of pot-au-feu – Monkfish and cod Pot-au-Feu with orange-saffron broth

Pot-au-feu de la mer – Pot-au-feu de lotte et cabillaud à l’orange et saffran Traditional Pot-au-feu in France is mainly a dish of boiled beef slowly cook in a broth with various vegetables such as carrots, celeri, leeks, onions, etc…and a bouquet garni which is a bunch of different herbs tied [...]
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