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C’est si bon – Crêpes with grilled apples and dulce de leche

C’est si bon – Crêpes aux pommes grillées et confiture de lait I am currently working on a little crêpe project and I have been experimenting all kinds of batters and fillings…and this one has been one of my favorites. It’s so simple but a real delight. Now I was wondering what the difference [...]

An Asian twist – Coconut crêpes stuffed with shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and spinach

Un petit air asiatique – Crêpes à la noix de coco farcies aux crevettes, champignons noirs et épinards What I love most about those crêpes is the color, and no it’s not a corn pancake, the deep yellow color comes from turmeric. I ate something similar at a friend’s house from Cambodia a long time [...]

A crêpe that’s not really a crêpe – Traditional savory buckwheat galette with smoked salmon, grilled tomatoes, caramelized onions, and tarragon sauce

Une crêpe qui n’est pas vraiment une crêpe – Galette au sarrasin, saumon, tomates grillées et oignons caramelisés, sauce estragon I haven’t made those for so long, I usually make them when we have a “crêpe party”, and those haven’t occurred in a while! Basically, the traditional savory crêpes are [...]

Not that ordinary – Chives crêpes stuffed with herb marinated salmon and leek mustard sauce

Pas si ordinaires que ca – Crêpes à la ciboulette farcies au saumon mariné aux herbes et sauce blancs de poireaux-moutarde Crêpes are not necessarily boring, ok you’ll tell me they’re just crêpes, and everyone knows how to make them, so what’s the big deal? The bid deal is that the batter is [...]

Classic combination – Chocolate crêpes stuffed with caramelized pears – Almond whipped cream

La combinaison classique – Crêpes au chocolat farcies de poires caramelisées et crème fouettée aux amandes Don’t we all love crêpes? They’ re so easy to make and always a great pleasure to share with friends or just when you have a crêpe craving. You can flavor the dough and enhance them with [...]
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