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Zucchini three ways – Farro with zucchini, shiitake, peas, zucchini cream and marinated zucchini ribbons

Trio de courgettes – Épeautre aux courgettes, champignons shiitake, pois, crème de courgettes, et courgettes marinées Today I am celebrating zucchini, this vegetable that is quite considered ordinary, with not a lot of character. It’s its day of glory (son jour de gloire) and it’s well deserved. [...]

Little artichoke, how I missed you!…Artichokes, shrimps, farro and rucola salad with avocado oil and basil vinaigrette

Carciofino, come mi sei mancato!…insalata di carciofi, gamberi, farro e rucola Beautiful artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables, especially the baby ones…they’re small, tender, and make beautiful and delicious dishes. The only draw back is the preparation, and trimming, since it can take [...]
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