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A simple apple story – Vanilla apple flan

Une simple histoire de pommes – Flan vanillé aux pommes Not sure what I like best, vegetable flans or fruit flans… The French love flans, for the simple reason that they’re just too good. I bought too many apples and needed to do something with them. The thought of more apple cakes, apple [...]

A treat, because we're worth it – Crème caramel with pears, vanilla and orange blossom water

Une gourmandise, car nous le valons bien – Crème caramel aux poires, vanille et eau de fleur d’oranger That goes not only for hair products, but for food too! Crème caramel or flan aux oeufs, or crème renversée, they’re all the same things. I think the English translation would be custard, but I [...]

Just for fun – Zucchini flans with olives, feta and mint in a heirloom tomato vinaigrette

Juste pour s’amuser – Flan de courgettes, aux olives, feta et menthe à la vinaigrette de tomates anciennes You can make those just for the fun of it because they’re so easy and quick to make. Those cute flans have been always a favorite of mine and whoever tried them too. They are addictive and [...]

Small dessert for a Friday afternoon – Almond milk tapioca flan with coconut and banana

Petit dessert pour un vendredi après-midi – Flan de tapioca au lait d’amandes, noix de coco et banane Travels always leave you some special memories, flavors, and sensations…My trip to Japan left me with an incredible and delightful sweet sensation I will remember for the rest of my [...]

C'est si bon… – Asparagus flan, sesame-thyme chicken and herb coulis

C’est si bon… – Flan d’asperges, poulet pané au sésame et thym, coulis d’herbes I haven’t posted anything lately…I was tired and sick for about a week, let’s not pretend the San Francisco summer weather has nothing to do with it. It’s been muggy, foggy and obviously very gloomy, and that really [...]
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