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Brick stuffed with mango-peaches, lemon and lavender – coconut ice cream

Brick à la pêche-mangue, lavande et citron -  glace à la noix de coco et pistaches I still have brick sheets that I brought back from France last May and need to use them, the expiration date is coming close, so here is a delightful fruity dessert that lightened up my Sunday. I treat myself as [...]

New variation – Verrine of mango and vanilla-pistachio couscous

Nouvelle variante – Verrine de mangue à la semoule vanillée et pistaches For people suffering from allergies, like me, it’s been a terrible spring in the Bay Area. Last year was mild compare to this one.  I think I tried every drug over-the counter at the local Walgreens, from antihistamines, to [...]

Delicious little tentacles – Tagine of octopus with mangoes

Délicieuses petites tentacules – Tagine de poulpe aux mangues From what I’ve seen and heard, I have found very few people crazy about octopus…unlike me, I love it, like every thing else that lives in an ocean. The thing with octopus is that it needs to be well cooked, and prepared the right way or [...]
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