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Mediterranean tofu cakes with warm roasted pepper, eggplant salad and green olive tapenade

Galettes Mediterranéennes de tofu, salade tiède de poivrons et aubergines grillés, tapenade d’olives vertes Originally, I had something else in mind, I wanted to use this tofu as the stuffing of some filo dough triangles. Unfortunately, sometimes things change…since I had no filo dough in my [...]

Happy lunch – Stuffed Branzino

Pranzino felicissimo – Branzino ripieno I don’t know you, but a good meal,”me met de bonne humeur“! It totally makes me happy, and lifts up my mood…since Mr. F is traveling to Europe for a couple of weeks, I am taking this time off to treat myself with meals I love, just like this one. I love to [...]

A salad Niçoise unlike others – Salade Niçoise with broiled salmon skewer and tapenade tartine with poached egg

Une salade Niçoise pas comme les autres – Salade niçoise avec brochette de saumon grillé, et tartine de tapenade à l’oeuf poché When you eat out, salades niçoises are always more or less the same, with minor variations from one restaurant to another…and often a little on the boring side. So after a [...]

When you have too much dough – Mini quiches with zucchini, olives, feta and mint, wholewheat crust with herbes de Provence

Quand on a des restes de pâte – Mini quiches aux courgettes, olives, feta et menthe, pâte brisée complète aux herbes de Provence I made a large quiche just like those mini ones for a dinner party, and I had leftover dough…which I did not want to throw away. Why throw away food that you enjoyed [...]

Guest post – Green tea soba noodles with baby octopus, sundried tomatoes, seaweed and olives

Guest post – Soba au thé vert avec petits poulpes, tomates séchées, algues et olives One of the greatest gentleman in the food blogsphere, Lazaro Bernal form Lazaro Cooks kindly requested me if I could guest post on his blog. Of course, I accepted with great enthusiasm and excitement. I think [...]

Fresh is so fresh – Eggplant caviar on tomato tartare and olive balsamic vinaigrette

Caviar d’aubergine sur tartare de tomates, vinaigrette d’olives noires et balsamique Caviar d’aubergine is a typical French dish, but it does not mean it includes caviar in its ingredient list, it’s basically a vegan dish if you don’t add the parmesan on top. Eggplant caviar is made out of [...]

A "déjà vu" cake – Traditional French gruyère, green olives and ham cake

Un cake déjà vu – Cake traditionnel au gruyère, olives et jambon Savory cakes are very popular in France, everyone has its own version and makes them for appetizers with drinks when you have a guests over. You cut them in small bites and pass them along with drinks. Usually, I don’t like to [...]

No I did not miss you – Roasted chicken thighs with lemon, herbs, olives and sunburst squash

Non, tu ne m’as pas manqué -  Cuisses de poulet rôties aux herbes, citron et olives à la courge Since I don’t really eat meat, I know my blog lacks meat recipes, I figured that when I cook for some non-vegetarian people who do eat meat, I take the opportunity for putting up the recipe on the blog. [...]

Snapper or not snapper ? – Red snapper kebabs with orange and olive vinaigrette on fennel fondue

Vous avez dit Vivaneau?- Brochettes de vivaneau grillé à la vinaigrette d’orange et olives sur fondue de fenouil I went grocery shopping yesterday and again I went crazy with fish and seafood. I have always thought I knew what red snapper was in French…in my mind I had no doubt it was “rougets” [...]

Alain Ducasse's dumplings – Steamed tomato and olive dumplings with soy-balsamic dipping sauce

Les ravioles d’Alain Ducasse – Ravioles de tomate et olives vapeur, sauce soja et balsamique Since I have been talking about alain Ducasse and that he is one of my favorite chefs,  and one of the most prestigious in France with its 14 Michelin stars, I thought to present one of his recipes that [...]
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