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Poached black plums in a spicy mint and verbena tea syrup

Prunes pochées dans un sirop épicé de thé à la menthe-verveine This post has been long overdue…I made those plums in fall, so when they were in season, then never got the chance to post it. With my trip to France and work schedule, everything got delayed and now it’s November and the plums are [...]

A thought for my best friend – Cake of the crumb fairy for Chantal

Pensée pour ma meilleure amie – Gâteau de la fée aux miettes pour Chantal I woke up this morning with a text message from my best friend in France, Chantal. Her message was “Impossible de t’appeler pour l’instant – Pense a toi – Ta Bichette qui t’aime” literally translated by “Cannot call you [...]
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