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Some kind of salad niçoise

Un genre de salade niçoise After my little trip to Portland, I came back very inspired, with lots of recipe ideas. I think I fell in love with the city, its beautiful trails and restaurant scene, not to mention the gorgeous neighborhoods with magnificent trees and greenery. Portland truly has [...]

The crab lost his house – Soft shell crab with almond crust on grilled fennel and radicchio salad, cream of chick peas and capers

Le crabe a perdu sa maison – Crabes bleus en croûte d’amandes, sur lit de fenouil et trévise grillés, crème de pois chiches et câpres Pardon my ignorance, I thought the soft crabs were a particular kind of specie…They’re apparently not. When I found out that they’re basically regular crabs that [...]

Two friends in a pan – Radicchio and artichoke casserole

Due amici in padella – Radicchio di Chioggia e carciofi in teglia Radicchio al forno is a typical Northern Italian dish. I somehow added a little touch to it, by adding artichokes and topping it all with breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley. Artichokes and radicchio go perfectly well together, the [...]

Bitter and sweet and not for Thanksgiving – Scallops with mandarin sauce on sauté radicchio

Amer et sucré – St Jacques à la mandarine sur lit de Trévise One day before thanksgiving and I am so not in the mood for turkey, but fish, seafood, and more seafood. I think my guests would be disappointed, if I serve them a seafood dinner. Thanksgiving dinner will be a non-American Thanksgiving [...]

The fake crêpe readjusted – Socca stuffed with peppery greens, olives and goat cheese

La fausse crêpe réajustée – Socca farcie à la roquette, chicorée, olives et chèvre frais It looks like a crêpe, but is not one. It’s made out of chick pea flour and quite a popular little snack in the South of France. Actually there is an Italian version of it called “Farinata” or “Cecina”  [...]

A close cousin has just arrived – Whole wheat orzotto with shrimps, sea scallops, fennel, radicchio and herbs

Un cugino è appena arrivato – Risoni integrali con gamberi, cappesante, finocchio, radicchio ed erbette Orzo in the US, is that tiny pasta shape like a bird’s tongue, orzo in Italian means barley, so when I just arrived to the US, I got confused. Now since I am in the US, I will try to use [...]

Lentil and Shrimp simple story – Split pea soup, lentils with shrimps and pistachio cilantro pesto

Une histoire toute simple de lentilles et de crevettes – Soupe de lentilles et pois cassés au crevettes et pesto de pistaches, coriandre et persil It’s a nice and cute story of lentils and shrimps, but then many other ingredients got involved…and we have a nice and complex soup filled with [...]
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