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A less famous polenta – Sweet polenta cake with strawberry-rhubarb compote

Una polenta sconosciuta – Polenta dolce con salsa alle fragole e rabarbaro Sometimes I like to feature recipes that did not travel too far, like this one. I went for dinner at a Basque restaurant in San Francisco a few nights ago and one of the dessert item was “gâteau de maïs à la compote de [...]

Duo of mousses – Yogurt mousse with rhubarb and peaches

Duo de mousses – Mousse de yaourt et mousse de pêches-rhubarbe Rhubarb has been on the shelves lately and it has been a while I since used it, so this rhubarb post was overdue. Rhubarb is often associated with strawberries, but it does make delicious desserts combined with peaches as well. [...]

When you feel like Limousin – Blueberries, rhubarb and yogurt clafoutis

Quand on a des envies de Limousin – Clafoutis de myrtilles et rhubarbe au yaourt When you feel like being in the Limousin, you make clafoutis. It’s a specialty dessert originally made with whole black cherries. Limousin is in the South-Western region of France (to me it’s more Central than West) [...]
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