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The fake crêpe readjusted – Socca stuffed with peppery greens, olives and goat cheese

La fausse crêpe réajustée – Socca farcie à la roquette, chicorée, olives et chèvre frais It looks like a crêpe, but is not one. It’s made out of chick pea flour and quite a popular little snack in the South of France. Actually there is an Italian version of it called “Farinata” or “Cecina”  [...]

For a Sunday brunch…or not – Mouillettes with heirloom tomato salad, rucola and pancetta wrapped yellow carrots

Pour le brunch du dimanche…ou pas – mouillettes avec salade de tomates, roquette, et carottes jaunes roulées à la pancetta In France we don’t have something called brunch, we either have breakfast or lunch. Brunch is an Anglo-saxon concept, and I like it. There is a restaurant in Sausalito (San [...]

More pesto adventures – Fake tacconi with rucola-pistachio pesto and asparagus

Ancora una storia di pesto – Tacconi finti con pesto di rucola-pistacchi e asparagi I have been thinking about this recipe for a while that my grandmother used to make when I was a child, called tacconi. I loved those so much, because they’re always remained a little crunchy and I have always [...]

In between a tart and a pizza – Tarpiz with grilled vegetables, feta and rucola

Mi tarte, mi pizza – Tarpiz aux légumes du sud grillés, feta et roquette Tra una torta e una pizza – Tarpiz con verdura mista del sud, feta e rucola When you can decide what to make between a pizza and a tart, and you end up doing something in between those two, it would be inaccurate to call it [...]

Little artichoke, how I missed you!…Artichokes, shrimps, farro and rucola salad with avocado oil and basil vinaigrette

Carciofino, come mi sei mancato!…insalata di carciofi, gamberi, farro e rucola Beautiful artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables, especially the baby ones…they’re small, tender, and make beautiful and delicious dishes. The only draw back is the preparation, and trimming, since it can take [...]
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