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A different kind of tartare – Salmon tartare with wasabi, sesame seeds and avocado

Un tartare un peu différent – Tartare de saumon, wasabi, sésame et avocat This is such an overdue post, since this salmon has been one of my favorites for such a long time. I used to make a similar tartare with ahi tuna (or as we call it in France thon rouge, red tuna), but due to the extinction [...]

The salmon wants to be a chicken – Sesame ginger grilled salmon with mixed salad lemon cilantro dressing

Le saumon qui voulait être une aiguillette – Aiguillettes de saumon au sésame marinées au gingembre et soja, salade mixte à la vinaigrette de citron et coriandre After coming back from New Orleans, I stuffed my fridge with fish and seafood, and it’s almost reaching to an end…I feel so much better [...]
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