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Two friends in a pan – Radicchio and artichoke casserole

Due amici in padella – Radicchio di Chioggia e carciofi in teglia Radicchio al forno is a typical Northern Italian dish. I somehow added a little touch to it, by adding artichokes and topping it all with breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley. Artichokes and radicchio go perfectly well together, the [...]

A different kind of basmati – Coral red basmati with mustard greens, peas and shrimps

Un basmati pas comme les autres – Basmati rouge corail aux crevettes, fanes de moutarde et pois I think by now I must have tried almost all the different kinds of rice on the market, going from basic to fancy. The funny thing is that I am not a big rice eater but when I see a kind I never tasted, [...]

In the world of vegetable galettes – Zucchini galettes with feta, chili and thyme

On ne se lasse pas des galettes de légumes – Galettes de courgettes à la feta, piment et thym I have been thinking lately about Thanksgiving menu and I am not sure what to make yet. Last year was mainly a “French” Thanksgiving with of course a Turkey but prepared the French way since the guests [...]

A wild side – Wild rice "à la forestière" with mushrooms, carrots and walnuts

Un côté sauvage – Riz sauvage à la forestière aux champignons, carottes et noix I haven’t realized Thanksgiving is coming soon, then I am leaving to visit my family in France shortly after, not sure I will have time to make it to Italy but we’ll see. It’s been one year I did not go home, and I am [...]

The almost unknown vegetable – Cardoni "gratinés" with a tomato fondue, olives and parmesan

I cardoni di nonno Luigi – Cardoni gratinati con pomodori, olive e parmigiano I wanted to give a little “hommage” to this wonderful vegetable that seems to be unknown or almost unknown. Anytime I get to the cash register, either the cashier or the person in line behind me asks me about what those [...]

Fregola is acting like a risotto – Saffron fregola with grilled zucchini and mushrooms

La Fregola è gelosa del risotto – Fregola allo zafferano con zucchine e funghi I adore Fregola’s texture…those little round balls that are similar to couscous but are really not…It’s a pasta specialty from Sardinia and when cooked they remain somehow chewy and al dente at the same time. This [...]

Pretty Madeleine and Stanislas – Savory madeleines with oregano, gruyère and olives

La jolie Madeleine et Stanislas – Madeleines aux olives, origan et gruyère After a sunny and perfect weekend, not too much breeze, not too hot, just perfect day of hanging out with a friend, I realized that when people drop by, I never have snacks to offer them. I rarely snack or buy snacks, so [...]

One unexpected gratin – Gratin with spaghetti squash, potatoes, tomatoes, gruyère, parmesan and basil

Un gratin inattendu – gratin de courge spaghetti, tomates, pommes de terre, gruyère, parmesan et basilic Now I know that this might be a little too much of spaghetti squash in just a couple of days. I was not planning on writing a blog about it, I took the pictures, just in case…then after eating [...]

A little craving for quinoa – Spicy quinoa with asparagus, peas and carrots

Une petite envie de quinoa – Quinoa épicé aux asperges, pois et carottes A little quinoa bowl is enough for a light dinner with a salad. Especially that today I did not have any energy whatsoever. Muggy and awfully grey weather, friends moving out of the Bay Area, is not helping with the [...]

Extra green dinner for hot summer nights – Zucchini tagliatelle and edamame with ginger and sesame

Diner extra vert pour les chaudes soirées d’été – Tagliatelles de courgettes et edamame au gingembre et sésame Summer is around the corner and we just want more greens and lighter meals for those hot summer nights…I don’t know if you’re like me, but during summer I mainly eat salads, fruits and [...]
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