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Green peasant soup – Soup with artichokes, peas, lima beans and kale

Soupe paysanne verte – Soupe aux artichauts, haricots de lima, pois et chou vert I love simple dishes that are filled with delicious vegetables. This is a late spring, early summer soup when all the vegetables are available. It reminds me of some soups my mom made when I was a child with [...]

Who's in for okra? – Spicy okra, green beans and shrimp stew

Qui est pour le gombo? -  Gombos, haricots verts et crevettes épicées What’s up with okra? My feeling is that very few people like it. Now, I have to admit that I never cooked okra before, and always ate it at my Indian friend’s house…I never was motivated to buy it and found other vegetables I [...]
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