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As pretty as pearls – Coconut tapioca cream with mango compote

Aussi jolies que des perles – Crème de tapioca à la noix de coco et compote de mangues I was reading a French Elle magazine, I like Elle because they always have a great food/recipe section at the end called “Elle à Table” with fresh and modern recipes and tons of flavors. I got stuck on a tapioca [...]

Small dessert for a Friday afternoon – Almond milk tapioca flan with coconut and banana

Petit dessert pour un vendredi après-midi – Flan de tapioca au lait d’amandes, noix de coco et banane Travels always leave you some special memories, flavors, and sensations…My trip to Japan left me with an incredible and delightful sweet sensation I will remember for the rest of my [...]
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