Citron et Vanille sur Blogcritics – Merci Lazaro

I just wanted to take the opportunity (hmm sounds like the Oscars) to thank Lazaro from the Lazaro Cooks blog for writing such a wonderful article about Citron et Vanille on Blogcritics and entitled “Inspiration: The Creative Wind Beneath our Culinary Wings“…and especially to include me in an article where he talks about The French Laundry! I feel incredibly flattered. You can read it here and you’ll see why I love Lazaro sensibility and approach to food and life.

I met Lazaro a few months ago while he just started his blog and through our exchanges we discovered we had many common points (points en commun as we say in French or atomes crochus), we had the same food reference as far as chefs and cuisine are concerned, even though he has a Puerto Rican descent, being completely different from mine, we speak the same “food” language. I do believe cooking is a way of expressing oneself such as the clothes we wear, or language we speak.

Lazaro is a fine writer with an elegant “plume” (feather), his words flow like silk, his vocabulary is full of nuances and subtleties and I love to read his blog, not only because of his descriptions but because of the beautiful recipes he presents focusing on aesthetic presentation, fine composition and creative ingredient combination. Check out his blog, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Last but not least, Lazaro is environmentally conscious and supports sustainable farming which is to my eyes one of the most important thing we all need to be aware of, as a foodie, chef, home-cooks, or as a matter anyone who “eats”, let’s say a simple “eater”. As humans we have come to a point of polluting our planet to an extent and now everyone suffers the consequences. I am proud that many French famous chefs have stopped serving ahi tuna and other endangered species in their restaurants as a way of fighting the problem and encouraging the public to stop its consumption.

As foodies (whatever that word means), we should all take one step to move into that direction and help Mother Earth.

Sure, wild fish tastes better than the farm raised one, but at what cost?

Merci, Merci et encore Merci!