Sauces and condiments


C’est si bon – Crêpes with grilled apples and dulce de leche

C’est si bon – Crêpes aux pommes grillées et confiture de lait I am currently working on a little crêpe project and I have been experimenting all kinds of batters and fillings…and this one has been one of my favorites. It’s so simple but a real delight. Now I was wondering what the difference [...]

Cherry-Chéri? – Cherry chutney extravaganza verrines with Etorki cheese

Cerises-chéries – Extravagances de chutney de cerises en verrines à l’Etorki Cherries are finally in season and this house is a red fruit mad house, red fruits are all over, even on the rug, towels, and walls! I think in between the strawberries and the cherries, there must be about 15 lbs of [...]

In the world of pesto – Roasted red and orange bell pepper pesto

Nel mondo del pesto – Pesto ai pepperoni gialli e rossi e basilico I can see that pesto is something quite popular in the US. The funny thing is that pesto being a “paste” originally from Genoa, in Liguria region…my parents being from Marche region, pesto is something that has never been part of [...]

Kumquat chutney – Chutney de kumquats

I love those tiny oval oranges, that taste more like bitter orange (orange amere) than a regular orange since you can eat the peel, the bitterness comes from the peel so you get a stronger “orangy” flavor than regular oranges. They originally come from Malaysia or China and can be grown in pots [...]
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