La banane se fait chic – Banane en papillote à la vanille et rhum

Yes, this one is definitely my last post before I fly to France next week. I was going through one of my books called “La cuisine de Bistrot” from Tomawalk Editions, yesterday and this recipe really caught my eye. This is such a simple and yet delightful little dessert. For me, nothing beats fruit based desserts and this warm and soft banana swimming in rum and brown sugar is a winner, besides it’s very simple and quick. These days, I have very little time to cook for myself, I am too busy cooking for others, so something so simple and delicious is a big winner in my book. If you have guests, and have no idea what to make for dessert, try theses bananas, they will certainly make a “bel effet” (a great impression, I hope this is proper English).

Papillote always make great presentations…opening them is like opening a surprise, you never know what you are getting inside. You can use parchment paper (that’s what I use most), but today I was out so, I had to use aluminum paper even though there has been some warning about the use of aluminum. It’s bad if it gets into your system at some small doses, but I figured I will not die if I use it once.

Ingredients for 2

  • 2 bananas, cut in half (ends removed)
  • 2 tbs brown sugar
  • 2 tsp butter
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • vanilla powder
  • 2 tbs rum


Cut the vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape the beans with a knife. Insert them on sides of the banana between the peel and the flesh. Using a parchment paper place banana trunks in the middle of the foil of paper, top with sugar and butter cut in pieces. Close the papillote and cook in a pre-heated over at 370F for about 20 minutes. Open the papillote and add rum. Serve in plates, pouring the juice on top of bananas.