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Très mango – Mango papillote three ways

Très mangue – Papillote de mangues trois façons It’s the season for those gorgeous keitt mangoes, so nothing better that using seasonal fruits. They only last for a couple of months so don’t miss on that. You will recognize them because they’re very large, and whose skin remains green even when [...]

The fancy banana – Banana “en papillote” with vanilla and rum

La banane se fait chic – Banane en papillote à la vanille et rhum   Yes, this one is definitely my last post before I fly to France next week. I was going through one of my books called “La cuisine de Bistrot” from Tomawalk Editions, yesterday and this recipe really caught my eye. This is such a [...]

Surprise, surprise – Artichoke and potatoes papillote Provençale

Surprise, surprise – Papillotes d’artichauts et pommes de terre à la Provençale If you like a light and healthy cuisine and yet very easy to prepare, well papillotes are for you. This cooking technique can accommodate any ingredient, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc… and papillotes can be [...]
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