Quinoa façon riz au lait aux raisins secs et salsa d’ananas à la menthe


That is one is now one of my new favorite desserts. I have a few favorite desserts despite my non sweet tooth, and this one certainly is on the list.

I was skeptical before starting this recipe, I thought the quinoa flavor would be too strong and overwhelming and not starchy enough, that this would not work as well as rice. I was wrong. I used regular milk but any other non dairy milk such as almond milk would be an alternative if you want to make it dairy free. I like to serve it with a fresh fruit salad and it’s the perfect light dessert, I would call it the guilt free dessert.

This is a quick little dessert to make, it cooks in 20 minutes, then you need to let it cool and it’s ready.

The pineapple salsa is cut in small little cubes and marinated in mint and agave nectar, nothing extravagant but perfect match with the subtle rum flavor you get while biting in the raisins.

Ingredients for 3-4

For the quinoa

  • 7 oz (or 200 g) quinoa
  • 1.7 cups (or 40 cl) milk
  • 1.4 oz (or 40 g) sugar
  • vanilla bean cut in 2
  • golden raisins 3 tbs
  • rum (enough to soak the raisins in)

For the pineapple salsa

  • 3 slices of fresh pineapple, cut in small even cubes (about 6mm)
  • 1 tbs mint, finely chopped
  • agave nectar (to your liking)


Rinse quinoa under running water, then place in a pot with the milk and vanilla beans scraped and simmer. Add sugar and let cook until the milk had been absorbed. In the meantime, soak raisins in rum until they turn soft and plumpy for about 30 minutes. Add raisins when quinoa is cooked. Stir well and let it cool, refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

For the pineapple salsa, mix all the ingredients and refrigerate.

Serve cream of quinoa with pineapple salsa.