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Vincent and his “lait ribot” – Wild mushrooms, rutabagas quiche with farmer’s cheese and buttermilk

Vincent et son lait Ribot – Quiche aux champignons sauvages, rutabagas, fromage frais et lait ribot I made this post, essentially for Vincent (oui rien que pour toi!), our dear friend from Bretagne (Brittany) and originally from a small town of Malestroit who introduced me to lait ribot very [...]

When you have too much dough – Mini quiches with zucchini, olives, feta and mint, wholewheat crust with herbes de Provence

Quand on a des restes de pâte – Mini quiches aux courgettes, olives, feta et menthe, pâte brisée complète aux herbes de Provence I made a large quiche just like those mini ones for a dinner party, and I had leftover dough…which I did not want to throw away. Why throw away food that you enjoyed [...]

A quiche unlike others – Cauliflower-camembert quiche with chili-poppy seed crust

Une quiche pas comme les autres – Quiche de chou fleur au camembert et pâte aux graines de pavot-piment A good friend of mine just had surgery on her foot, and is staying at home recovering, so when I asked her if she wanted me to bring her something, she responded “a vegetable quiche”! So here we [...]
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