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A little slice of Iceland – Skyr cake with blueberries

Une petite tranche d’Islande -  Gâteau au skyr et myrtilles After my trip to Iceland, I fell in love with that country…its gorgeous landscape, its friendly people, its peacefulness and its delicious food and products. One of which is called skyr. Basically skyr means yogurt in Icelandic. It’s a [...]

Goodbye San Francisco – Crostata with blueberries and yogurt cream

Arrivederci San Francisco – crostata ai mirtilli con crema allo yogurt It’s time to take a little time off and go where the sun is always happy and shining, not the Caribbeans but Baja Mexico. California has been under a horrendous weather, it’s so cold that the heat is back in the house, I am [...]

When you feel like Limousin – Blueberries, rhubarb and yogurt clafoutis

Quand on a des envies de Limousin – Clafoutis de myrtilles et rhubarbe au yaourt When you feel like being in the Limousin, you make clafoutis. It’s a specialty dessert originally made with whole black cherries. Limousin is in the South-Western region of France (to me it’s more Central than West) [...]
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