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Depending on where you are – Flammkuchen or Tarte flambée with salmon

Ca dépend d’où vous êtes – flammkuchen ou tarte flambée au saumon   Growing up in Lorraine, and Lorraine being Alsace’s close neighbor, I am quite familiar with tarte flambée, which is an Alsacian Specialty (they eat it in Germany and close regions as well). It’s literally translated into “flamed [...]

The sweet taste of childhood – Pain d’épices or Spicy bread

Douce sensation d’enfance – Pain d’épices I decided out of the blue one day to make pain d’épices…I think last time I had one slice I must have been 10 years old. What is pain d’épices? Well it’s another one of those traditional French breads or cake that is popular in Alsace region. It’s [...]

Heidi’s starter – Baguette au levain

Le levain d’Heidi – Baguette au levain My lovely and adorable acupuncturist, Heidi gave me some starter that is supposedly 250 year old, can you imagine? Maybe Thomas Edison ate bread using the same starter…Heidi is amazing, she is not only a sweet and great doctor but she is an excellent baker. So [...]

Bread or brioche? – Raisin bread with a swirl

Pain ou brioche? – Pain au raisins en spirale I reconciled with cinnamon thanks to Rui, my lovely Japanese neighbor. I decided I didn’t like cinnamon after moving to the US, where cinnamon is used in almost every dessert. I think I had a cinnamon overdose and refused to eat anything where I could [...]

Never give up! – Traditional French baguette

Ne laissez jamais tomber!  – Baguette traditionnelle After many unsuccessful attempts to make my beloved baguette, that led to frustrations, I finally managed to make some that made me quite happy. My mom makes bread in a blink of an eye and her bread always turns out delicious, without really any [...]

Mamma Lucia's focaccia – Spelt Focaccia with rosemary, onions and rock salt

La focaccia di mamma Lucia – Focaccia di farro con rosmarino e cipolla This is my mom’s focaccia or signature appetizer, it’s what they call in the region she is from in Italy “crescia”. Different regions have different ways of calling the same thing and crescia is more like the local name of a [...]
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