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Eat your carrots! – Carrot and almond galettes stuffed with gorgonzola on cucumber salad

Mange tes carottes! – Galettes de carottes et amandes au coeur de gorgonzola sur salade de concombre Carrots are in the same category as broccoli…they’re all over the place, therefore lost their appeal and excitement. Once in a while, I like to feature one of those “ordinary” vegetables” and give [...]

Ready for a chill? – Chilled avocado and cucumber soup

Prêts pour l’été? – Soupe d’avocat et concombre froide pimentée Il y a du citron mais pas de vanille! Doesn’t this feel like summer? I am so ready for it…well a real summer somewhere…where it’s warm and sunny, where you can wear tank tops without a sweater on top, and where the fog doesn’t make [...]
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