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Saute rapini, yams and carrot rösti, yogurt-cilantro dipping sauce

Brocoli rave sauté, galettes de patates douces et carottes, sauce au yaourt-coriandre   Going back to my favorite cuisine, vegetarian…I just love the vibrant colors of vegetables and their versatility, they’re too good to keep aside. In this dish, the bitterness of rapini and sweetness of yams [...]

Do you smoke? Cigarettes with leeks, shrimps and shiitake

Vous fumez? – Cigarettes aux poireaux, crevettes et champigons shiitake   I am a heavy smoker of those cigarettes! The excitement is more related to the feuilles de brick (the wrapping sheets, literally translated into “sheet brick”) than to those cigarettes themselves. I used to bring feuilles de [...]

Salad or not salad? – Salad of grain medley with cannellini, shrimps, artichokes in a herb-lemon dressing

Salade ou pas salade? – Salade tiède de céréales et mélange aux haricots blancs, crevettes, artichauts, vinaigrette aux citron et herbes Lately I have not been too well, that’s why I haven’t been posting any recipe on a regular basis like I used to, and my desire and energy for cooking has [...]

Eat your carrots! – Carrot and almond galettes stuffed with gorgonzola on cucumber salad

Mange tes carottes! – Galettes de carottes et amandes au coeur de gorgonzola sur salade de concombre Carrots are in the same category as broccoli…they’re all over the place, therefore lost their appeal and excitement. Once in a while, I like to feature one of those “ordinary” vegetables” and give [...]

One spoon for me and two for you – Scallops with mango and blood orange vinaigrette

Une cuillère pour moi, et deux pour toi – Cuillères de St Jacques à la vinaigrette de mangue et orange sanguine I bought so many different kinds of those cuillères (spoons) while in France, which was not really a necessity since they are also available in the US, but my mom shoved them in my [...]
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