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A very unusual cassoulet – Vegetarian cassoulet with trout beans and wild mushrooms for guest post

Un cassoulet peu traditionnel – Cassoulet vegetarien aux haricots pour Five Star Foodie Natasha from Five Star Foodie kindly requested me if I could be one of her participants for a contest she is holding on her blog. I was of course extremely flattered but to be honest, most of the time, I tend [...]

Little time and a big hunger – Malloredus pasta with wild mushroom ragù

Poco tempo e tanta fame – Malloredus con sugo ai funghi di bosco When you have no time for cooking, this would be a dish to consider…of course if you have some wild mushrooms handy, even better. I had those beautiful yellow chanterelles and oyster mushrooms in my refrigerator with so many ideas [...]
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