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Ocean tagine – Tagine with squid, fava beans and leeks and simple pepper quinoa couscous

Tagine de la mer – Tagine aux seiches, fèves et poireaux This was a dish I made while I was in France…since my dad was in the hospital, my mom and I just cooked simple meals because by 1pm we needed to be at the hospital. Tagines are wonderful if you don’t have to much time to eat but still want [...]

Artichokes are back in town – Tagine of artichokes, chickpeas, potatoes, red peppers and olives

Les artichauts sont de retour – Tagine d’artichauts, pois chiches, pommes de terre, poivrons, et olives vertes It looks like artichoke season is starting and you see them come out on the shelves, one of the largest producer being close to the Bay Area in Castroville (they claim to be the artichoke [...]

Delicious little tentacles – Tagine of octopus with mangoes

Délicieuses petites tentacules – Tagine de poulpe aux mangues From what I’ve seen and heard, I have found very few people crazy about octopus…unlike me, I love it, like every thing else that lives in an ocean. The thing with octopus is that it needs to be well cooked, and prepared the right way or [...]
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