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Octopus stew with cannellini bean purée, herb oil

Ragoût de poulpe, purée de haricots blancs et huile aux herbes I made this dish a while ago, then never got the chance to finish writing it. So here we are now, during the holiday season with a non Christmassy dish…It’s not quite the best recipe for the occasion but it is definitely delicious so [...]

Grilled octopus, fennel and fava bean saute, roasted pepper salsa, mixed herb salsa

Poulpe grillé sur lit de fenouil et fèves, coulis de poivrons grillés, et sauce aux fines herbes Since I came back from Japan, I have been wanting to make Takoyaki which are Japanese octopus balls usually find in the streets of Japan and eaten as snacks. They are delightful (of course if you [...]

Taste from the ocean – Spirulina and farro-buckwheat tagliatelle with octopus stew

Un sapore di mare – Tagliatelle con spirulina al farro e saraceno, ragù di polpo   I have been thinking about this pasta for a while now…sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I think about some new recipes, and this one has been occupying my mind lately. I love colors everywhere, and [...]

Distant and delightul memories – Octopus carpaccio

Ricordo lontano – Carpaccio di polpo   I have been wanting to make this carpaccio for such a long time, then one thing or another comes up and I end up making something else. Besides, a whole uncooked octopus is hard to find, but lately I saw them at Whole Foods. The first time I tasted an octopus [...]

It’s not Paul, the octopus- Grilled octopus salad with fennel, peppers and olives

Ce n’est pas Paul le poulpe – Salade de poulpe grillé au fenouil, poivrons et olives Has anyone heard the story of Paul le poulpe, or Paul the octopus? Well my cousin came to visit a few months ago and he told me about this octopus story. Paul was a French octopus whose life lasted from 2008 to [...]

Addicted to octopus – Chards with octopus and ginger orange dressing

Accro au poulpe – Blettes et poulpe à la vinaigrette de gingembre et citron Well after about one month of no blogging, and taking a break from it, I had to come back to my old life simply because I am starting to miss it. I apologize for disappearing this way, without really no explanation. I want [...]

Nice to meet you Mexico! – Stuffed avocado with shrimp and octopus cocktail

Encatada de conocerte México! – Coctel de camarónes y pulpo Not that I am starting to deviate into Mexican cuisine, but since I just got back from Cabos San Lucas last night, I wanted to pursue my Mexican and seafood adventures with this refreshing and delicious cocktail. The abundance of [...]

Guest post – Green tea soba noodles with baby octopus, sundried tomatoes, seaweed and olives

Guest post – Soba au thé vert avec petits poulpes, tomates séchées, algues et olives One of the greatest gentleman in the food blogsphere, Lazaro Bernal form Lazaro Cooks kindly requested me if I could guest post on his blog. Of course, I accepted with great enthusiasm and excitement. I think [...]

Delicious little tentacles – Tagine of octopus with mangoes

Délicieuses petites tentacules – Tagine de poulpe aux mangues From what I’ve seen and heard, I have found very few people crazy about octopus…unlike me, I love it, like every thing else that lives in an ocean. The thing with octopus is that it needs to be well cooked, and prepared the right way or [...]
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