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Who would have thought – Vegetable Pot-au-feu “du Sud”

Qui l’eût cru? Pot-au-feu végétarien du Sud  I remember reading about this recipe in a French magazine such as Femme Actuelle or Elle à Table, but it’s been a while ago and I don’t remember so I have been making it from memory, which is certainly not exactly the same as the original. It’s [...]

A salad Niçoise unlike others – Salade Niçoise with broiled salmon skewer and tapenade tartine with poached egg

Une salade Niçoise pas comme les autres – Salade niçoise avec brochette de saumon grillé, et tartine de tapenade à l’oeuf poché When you eat out, salades niçoises are always more or less the same, with minor variations from one restaurant to another…and often a little on the boring side. So after a [...]

Surprise, surprise – Artichoke and potatoes papillote Provençale

Surprise, surprise – Papillotes d’artichauts et pommes de terre à la Provençale If you like a light and healthy cuisine and yet very easy to prepare, well papillotes are for you. This cooking technique can accommodate any ingredient, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc… and papillotes can be [...]

Vegan…or not Vegan – Red cabbage velouté with mixed vegetables

Vegan…ou pas vegan – Velouté de chou rouge et légumes It has been a long time since I posted a recipe on my blog. Not that I gave up blogging, or that I disappeared for no reason. I was in France for about one month and instead of enjoying my time with my family, I had to deal with the stress of my [...]

No reblochon, no tartiflette – Fake Tartiflette with asparagus and brie

Pas de reblochon, pas de tartiflette – fausse Tartiflette végétarienne aux brie et asperges If you’ve been to Savoie (Savoy), you’ve probably tasted one of their specialties, la Tartiflette. Unlike what it may sounds, Tartiflette is not a tart. It’s not an old dish either. Most recipes derive [...]

A table with a view – Grilled baby cuttlefish with crushed herb potato and tapenade salad – Garlic vinaigrette

Une table avec vue – Salade de seiches grillées avec pommes de terres à la tapenade et vinaigrette à l’ail This one will be among my favorite seafood salads…When you are in love with so many dishes, it’s hard to just pick one, so I have a list of dishes, and this one is a part of the “killer [...]

Thanks Anna! – Millefeuille of potatoes Anna, artichokes and salmon, Parsely jus

Merci Anna!- Millefeuilles de pommes Anna, artichauts et saumon, jus de persil Millefeuille can mean different things in French…Originally millefeuille is a traditional dessert sold in many bakeries, made out of two layers of crème patissière (custard) and three layers of puff pastry. It’s called [...]

For a happy lunch – Melting potato bouchées with herbs and mozzarella – Yogurt mint dipping sauce

Pour un déjeûner gourmand  – Bouchées de pomme de terre aux herbes et mozzarella, sauce yaourt menthe I kept forgetting about those potato bouchées, I think we tend to forget good old recipes in our search to find new ones, but this one is too good to forget. So as we continue on a vegetarian [...]

Artichokes are back in town – Tagine of artichokes, chickpeas, potatoes, red peppers and olives

Les artichauts sont de retour – Tagine d’artichauts, pois chiches, pommes de terre, poivrons, et olives vertes It looks like artichoke season is starting and you see them come out on the shelves, one of the largest producer being close to the Bay Area in Castroville (they claim to be the artichoke [...]

Grandma's secret recipe – Potato crescia with greens and many other things

La ricetta segreta di Nonna ‘Nita – Crescia di patate con verdura, e tante altre cose My grandma used to make this crescia when we were kids (my cousins and I) since we were all living together as in a traditional Italian family, and we were just going crazy for it, it was called la crescia colle [...]
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