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Roasted celeriac with mung beans forestière fricassée and tarragon oil

Céleri-rave rôti, fricassée forestière de haricot mungo et huile d’estragon I have been neglecting my blog recently, and I feel I should refocus my attention on it. I guess not having too much time is the reason, but maybe because as we say “j’ai la tête ailleurs” (I have my head somewhere [...]

The other grean bean – Curry Mung beans galettes and tofu-garlic dipping sauce

L’autre haricot vert – Galettes de haricots mung au curry, et sauce tofu à l’ail I don’t often cook with mung beans, but once in a while I like to eat them, they’re so cute and round and tiny with a little white eye staring at you. Of course, I didn’t grow up eating those beans since they’re [...]

A soothing trio – Shrimps chermoula with mung beans and red kale, red bell peppers

Un trio appaisant – Crevettes en chermoula, haricots mungo et chou frisé aux poivrons Some days, you just feel like something hearty, healthy with lost of flavors…so I decided to finally cook those mung beans I had for a while in my pantry. They’re round with a bright green color, they’re very [...]
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