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Oeuf cocotte with spinach, shiitake, prosciutto and truffle oil

Oeufs cocotte aux épinards, shiitake, jambon de parme et huile de truffe noire I cooked a dinner last week for a lovely couple who wanted their dinner theme to be white Alba truffles. Out of six courses, three had truffles in it. The smell brought me back to my childhood….My father used to go look [...]

Cocotte of rainy days – Oeuf cocotte with endives and morbier cheese

La cocotte des jours pluvieux – Oeuf cocotte aux endives et morbier I made these oeufs cocotte while I was back in France last June, the days were long, day light lasted until 10:30 pm. I love the month of June, it’s the longest and the most exciting of all the months where people have not left [...]

My romantic egg – Oeuf cocotte with salmon, asparagus and a cilantro-coconut pesto

Mon oeuf romantique – Oeuf cocotte au saumon et asperges, pesto de coriandre et noix de coco Thanks so much for all your kinds words on my previous post, you guys are really wonderful, kind and generous of your time. I do appreciate it a lot. I think this dish is perfect for a tête à tête dinner [...]

Small dish but big flavors – Eggs cocotte with cream of zucchini, sundried tomatoes and artichokes

Petit plat mais grandes saveurs – Oeufs cocotte, crème de courgette, tomates séchées et artichauts Oeufs cocotte can be simple, refined, original, creative, or whatever you want them to be. No one can resist the charm of those more contemporary “oeufs cocotte“. The traditional oeufs cocotte were [...]
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