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Asparagus vichyssoise with fennel, asparagus, fennel and egg salad

Vichyssoise d’asperges au fenouil, salade d’asperges et fenouil en vinaigrette de citron This vichyssoise recipe has been on my mind for ever, but for whatever reason I never managed to finalize it. I have always wanted to make a vichyssoise, but a different version from the traditional one [...]

Leeks stuffed Portobello on barley with cream of asparagus

Portobello gratinés farcis aux poireaux sur orge perlé à la crème d’asperges   I am always amazed at the delicious dishes you can make with vegetables. I can certainly spend the rest of my life without looking at meat or any dead animal on my plate. You could of course replace barley with brown [...]

Let’s celebrate spring – Linguini with fresh pea pesto, mint and pecorino

Festeggiamo la primavera – Linguine con pesto di piselli, menta e pecorino When you look at the ingredients of this pesto, you might think, it will be too strong especially with the mint and pecorino. When you taste it, you realize that it is indeed fragrant but delicate. I used some whole grain [...]

Get a pillow and take a nap – Pillows with fava beans, asparagus and goat cheese

Prend un oreiller et fais une sieste – Coussins de filo aux fèves, asperges et chèvre I could definitely sleep on top of those stuffed pillows, they’re warm and smell so good. For a long time, I didn’t like to manipulate filo dough, it was either drying too fast, or breaking, so I got annoyed with [...]

No reblochon, no tartiflette – Fake Tartiflette with asparagus and brie

Pas de reblochon, pas de tartiflette – fausse Tartiflette végétarienne aux brie et asperges If you’ve been to Savoie (Savoy), you’ve probably tasted one of their specialties, la Tartiflette. Unlike what it may sounds, Tartiflette is not a tart. It’s not an old dish either. Most recipes derive [...]

My romantic egg – Oeuf cocotte with salmon, asparagus and a cilantro-coconut pesto

Mon oeuf romantique – Oeuf cocotte au saumon et asperges, pesto de coriandre et noix de coco Thanks so much for all your kinds words on my previous post, you guys are really wonderful, kind and generous of your time. I do appreciate it a lot. I think this dish is perfect for a tête à tête dinner [...]

A far away cousin of vegetable paella – Saffron brown rice with mixed vegetables

Un cousin éloigné de la paella végétarienne – Riz brun au saffran et méli mélo de petits légumes It’s time for some rice…rice and potatoes are two ingredients I rarely use, French people eat a LOT of potatoes, at my parents my mom rarely made them, Italians are more pasta eaters than potato [...]

Ocean terrine – Scallops and shrimp terrine with herbs and asparagus ribbons in vinaigrette

Terrine de la mer parfumée – Terrine de St Jacques et crevettes aux herbes – rubans d’asperges en vinaigrette I am fascinated by the world of terrines, like most French, we love terrines, and what is more French than a terrine? really maybe baguette? they can be refined and elegant, beautiful, [...]

Don't break the egg! – Poached egg on sauté fava beans, snap peas and aspargus

Ne casse pas l’oeuf!! – Oeuf poché sur fèves, mange-tout et asperges sautées, balsamic et pecorino I have had some poached eggs lately at a new little place that used to be a French restaurant called Couleur Café run by French people. It closed down, and opened again under another name, Pizza [...]

The spaghetti from Mars – Spaghetti in a cream of asparagus and goat cheese

Gli spaghetti sono scesi da Marte – Spaghetti alla crema di asparagi e caprino Lately I have been a little inconsistent with my plans, I buy products to make a particular dish I have in mind, then I do something completely different with it. I wanted to make some asparagus mousse for canapé with [...]
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