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Oats, pear and almond muffins

Muffins à l’avoine, poires et amandes Usually for breakfast I like my multi grain toasts with no desire to change but once in a while I like to treat myself with some fancy little bites like these ones. I would have called those mini cakes (which in French gâteaux are what those are), but I feel [...]

A huge chocolate craving – Double chocolate-pear tart

Une grosse envie de chocolat – Tarte aux poires et double chocolat Amis du chocolat, Bonjour!! This is the chocolate addict dessert par excellence! When you have a chocolate craving, this tart is the perfect choice…chocolate crust and chocolate filling, how much more chocolate can you have? I am [...]

The little trendy appetizer – Pear crumble with roquefort cheese and hazelnuts

La petite entrée à la mode – Crumble de poires, roquefort et noisettes Crumbles are quite trendy in France right now, I think anything with an anglo-saxon name is… Last time I was there, I noticed a few American items such as muffins, crumbles, brownies, cookies, (not to mention hamburgers au [...]
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