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I like it upside down -Tart tatin with artichokes, caramelized onions and manchego cheese

Je l’aime à l’envers – Tarte tatin aux artichauts, oignons caramélisés, et manchego Who said tarte tatin is made with apples and is a dessert? Even though tarte tatin IS a traditional French dessert made with apples (most French restaurants do serve it on their menu with a scoop of vanille ice [...]

A huge chocolate craving – Double chocolate-pear tart

Une grosse envie de chocolat – Tarte aux poires et double chocolat Amis du chocolat, Bonjour!! This is the chocolate addict dessert par excellence! When you have a chocolate craving, this tart is the perfect choice…chocolate crust and chocolate filling, how much more chocolate can you have? I am [...]

Pom pom pom, I want some apples – Apple tart with raisins and calvados

Pom pom pom, envie de pommes – Tarte aux pommes aux raisins secs et calvados There are as many apple tart recipes, than there are people…I bought tons of apples for my parakeet Pepita (it turned out she is a girl) but then I have ants all over the place, that drives me insane and they go all over [...]

Are there still fishes in the sea? – Salmon tart with spinach, onions and dill on a black sesame seeds, chili and herb crust

Y a t-il encore des poissons dans la mer? – Tarte au saumon, épinards, onions et aneth avec pâte au sésame, piment et herbes I love my rectangular molds and think I haven’t used them that much, so I need to place them somewhere I can see them, otherwise I tend to forget I have them. What a shame. [...]

Peaches for me, peaches for you – Tartlets with grilled honey-vanilla peaches on almond custard

Des pêches pour moi, des pêches pour toi – Tartelettes aux pêches vanillées et grillées sur crème patissière parfumée à l’amande That was the dessert part of the dinner when my friend came over.  Originally I wanted to make the traditional tarte aux fraises, strawberry tart with vanilla custard [...]

Don't confuse it with a pizza – Tatin with tomatoes, ricotta salata, goat cheese and basil

Ne pas confondre avec une pizza – Tarte tatin facon pizza aux tomates confites, ricotta, chèvre, lardons, basilic et moutarde I really don’t like to throw food away…I had some leftover dough that I used to make the Tarpiz a few days ago and I thought it would be a shame to throw away that [...]

In between a tart and a pizza – Tarpiz with grilled vegetables, feta and rucola

Mi tarte, mi pizza – Tarpiz aux légumes du sud grillés, feta et roquette Tra una torta e una pizza – Tarpiz con verdura mista del sud, feta e rucola When you can decide what to make between a pizza and a tart, and you end up doing something in between those two, it would be inaccurate to call it [...]
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