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For the little hole – Oatmeal cookies with cashews and dark chocolate

Pour le petit creux – Biscuits à l’avoine, noix de cajou et chocolat noir This translation from French into English does not work. When we say “j’ai un petit creux” that translates literally into “I have a little hole“, but it means “I have a hole in my stomach“, so that “I am a little hungry“.  [...]

Low calories and low sugar mini chocolate cakes with cocoa nibs and almonds

Petits gâteaux à faibles calories, au chocolat, amandes et fèves de cacao More sweets!!!!….for someone who doesn’t eat sweets, two posts in a row with cakes sounds like too much. The thing is I am planning on a trip to France to visit my family next month, and my mom being diabetic, I am [...]

Best friends – Banana, chocolate and coconut rolls

Meilleurs amis – Rouleaux de brick à la banane, chocolat, noix de coco et pistaches Quel est le meilleur ami de la banane si ce n’est que le chocolat? What’s banana’s best friend other than chocolate? During my trip to France, I brought back some brick sheets. Here is some more info on those [...]

If you like coffee…- Coffee panna cotta with coffee-chocolate sauce

Se ti piace il caffè – Panna cotta al caffè con salsina al cioccolato This panna cotta recipe has been inspired from this wonderful Italian blog called Giallo Zafferano – It’s filled with delicious and inventive recipes that are mouth-watering. For coffee lovers, this panna cotta will be a real [...]

Either way, it's good – Chocolate pot de crème or panna cotta?

Quoi qu’il en soit, c’est bon – Pot de crème au chocolat ou panna cotta? Again it’s that time of the year…allergy season. Stuffy nose, runny eyes, and non stop sneezing, at least it’s a sign that warms days are ahead…of course a little energy for cooking related activities especially with the anti [...]

A huge chocolate craving – Double chocolate-pear tart

Une grosse envie de chocolat – Tarte aux poires et double chocolat Amis du chocolat, Bonjour!! This is the chocolate addict dessert par excellence! When you have a chocolate craving, this tart is the perfect choice…chocolate crust and chocolate filling, how much more chocolate can you have? I am [...]

To make traditions live – Chocolate cake from Metz

Pour faire vivre les traditions – Gâteau au chocolat de Metz I doubt that anyone living in the US knows the city of Metz (pronounced Mess, even the majority of French people pronounce the “T” which is incorrect)…I know it because I went to school there and it’s located 50 km from Nancy where I [...]

Little corks for little hunger – chocolate and coconut "corks"

Petits bouchons pour une petite faim – bouchons au chocolat et noix de coco Originally this dough was made to bake chocolate madeleines, then I changed my mind and decided to use some other molds instead. So if you wish, you can use them as madeleines. Those days, I just cannot help changing my [...]

Classic combination – Chocolate crêpes stuffed with caramelized pears – Almond whipped cream

La combinaison classique – Crêpes au chocolat farcies de poires caramelisées et crème fouettée aux amandes Don’t we all love crêpes? They’ re so easy to make and always a great pleasure to share with friends or just when you have a crêpe craving. You can flavor the dough and enhance them with [...]

Simply chocolate – Chocolate cake with almonds and coconut

Tout simplement chocolat – Gateau au chocolat aux amandes et lait de coco Lately I have been using coconut milk in many dishes, and I think it can be a nice substitute to regular milk especially in desserts. I know very few people who don’t like chocolate, personally I am a vanilla person, but [...]
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