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Celery root purée, braised fennel and scallop with mango vinegar glaze

Purée de celeri rave, fenouil braisé à l’orange et St Jacques au vinaigre de mangue   I haven’t celery rave in a long time, for no specific reason, maybe because I don’t enjoy peeling it. is that a good enough reason? maybe not. In France we eat celery rave a lot, mainly in rémoulade. Rémoulade is [...]

Life is full of contrasts – Lentil and marinated smoked salmon salad

La vie est pleine de contrastes – Salade de lentilles et saumon fumé It’s quite a fun way to eat lentils…lentils are very versatile and I think not popular enough especially since they’re highly nutritious. I have rarely seen them in restaurants other than in soups. In France they’re considered [...]

Let's get back in shape – Grilled sweet potato and spinach salad with blood orange and candied ginger vinaigrette

On se refait une petite santé? – Salade de patates douces grillées et pousses d’épinards – vinaigrette d’orange sanguine et gingembre confit I am not sure where I had this for the first time…maybe in Boston (since I lived there at some point in my life before moving to San Francisco) at a [...]

The jealousy of the salmon – Salmon à l'orange on braised fennel

La jalousie du saumon – Saumon à l’orange sur fenouil braisé The salmon got a little jealous and was raving to be coated with a citrusy orange sauce too, because he thought that not only canard can be made “à l’orange”, he was the perfect candidate for the title too…and he was. On peut faire plein [...]

Snapper or not snapper ? – Red snapper kebabs with orange and olive vinaigrette on fennel fondue

Vous avez dit Vivaneau?- Brochettes de vivaneau grillé à la vinaigrette d’orange et olives sur fondue de fenouil I went grocery shopping yesterday and again I went crazy with fish and seafood. I have always thought I knew what red snapper was in French…in my mind I had no doubt it was “rougets” [...]

Summer is just starting in San Francisco – Mâche salad with fennel, oranges and olives with citrus vinaigrette

L’été vient de commencer à San Francisco  - Salade de mâche, fenouil et oranges à la vinaigrette d’agrumes I was wondering why americans are not too fond of fennel and anis, liquorice, etc…Maybe it’s a flavor they were not used to growing up. I don’t know. The first time I tasted a mango, a [...]
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