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Lentils and carrot mash with roasted butternut squash and tahini sauce

Ecrasée de lentilles et carottes et courge butternut rôtie, sauce tahini A clean and healthy meal to end the week…which I have to say has been kind and sweet. I am planning my trip to France with a few healthy recipes to bring along for my parents, and especially my mom who has diabetes. My [...]

Deliciously vegan – Grilled king oyster mushrooms, lentils-quinoa and miso sauce

Délicieusement vegan – Pleurottes géantes grillées, lentilles-quinoa et sauce miso épicée This will be my favorite dish for some time. The inspiration came from a dish I ate in a restaurant in Healdsburg where grilled mushrooms were served with fried quinoa, poached egg and miso sauce. I changed [...]

Indeed fascinating – Lentil stew and poached egg with truffle oil

En effet, fascinant – Ragoût de lentilles et oeuf poché à l’huile de truffe  Anytime I eat a poached egg, it reminds me of this teenager sitting next to our table, at Gary Danko, a well known San Francisco restaurant, who was astonished to see a yolk running while he poked a poached egg on top of [...]

Treadmill thoughts with Laurent – Lentils, roasted red pepper and kale salad with Labne tartine and eggplant purée

Recettes du tapis roulant avec Laurent – Salade de lentilles, aux poivrons grillés et chou vert – tartine de labne et purée d’aubergines My friend Laurent is French but he grew up in Tunis ( we keep each other company on the treadmill in the mornings), always shares with me his childhood memories [...]

Life is full of contrasts – Lentil and marinated smoked salmon salad

La vie est pleine de contrastes – Salade de lentilles et saumon fumé It’s quite a fun way to eat lentils…lentils are very versatile and I think not popular enough especially since they’re highly nutritious. I have rarely seen them in restaurants other than in soups. In France they’re considered [...]

Tel Aviv lentil salad – Lentil and beet salad with arugula, feta and mint

La bonne salade aux lentilles de Tel Aviv – Salade de lentilles, roquette, betteraves à la feta et menthe On my stay in Tel Aviv, I walked almost all over the city for five days…the weather was beautiful, it felt so much like summer to me so while France was snowed in, I enjoyed my five days as if [...]

Round and spicy – Stuffed round zucchini with curried lentils

Rondes et épicées – Courgettes rondes farcies de lentilles au curry Another version of stuffed zucchini, those are the round kind and this recipe has a little exotic twist with the curry and other spices in it.  I think this kind of zucchini is really made to be stuffed, they have a very inviting [...]

Lentil and Shrimp simple story – Split pea soup, lentils with shrimps and pistachio cilantro pesto

Une histoire toute simple de lentilles et de crevettes – Soupe de lentilles et pois cassés au crevettes et pesto de pistaches, coriandre et persil It’s a nice and cute story of lentils and shrimps, but then many other ingredients got involved…and we have a nice and complex soup filled with [...]
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