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Black bean spaghetti with Brussels sprouts, mint and lemon pesto

Spaghetti aux haricots noirs, pesto de choux de Bruxelles, menthe et citron I found those high protein, low carbs spaghetti. They’re made with black bean flour and water. I was very intrigued by those and obviously needed to try them. The same brand also sells edamame noodles, with the same [...]

Do you know how to play the guitar? – Farro Spaghetti “alla chitarra” with vegetable ragù and ricotta

Sai suonare la chitarra? – Spaghetti di farro alla chitarra con salsa all’ortolana e ricotta I am going back to my roots with this dish. Once in a while, it feels good to go back to old and traditional ways of cooking even if it it can be time consuming. Cooking being therapeutic for me (like for [...]

The spaghetti from Mars – Spaghetti in a cream of asparagus and goat cheese

Gli spaghetti sono scesi da Marte – Spaghetti alla crema di asparagi e caprino Lately I have been a little inconsistent with my plans, I buy products to make a particular dish I have in mind, then I do something completely different with it. I wanted to make some asparagus mousse for canapé with [...]
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