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Très mango – Mango papillote three ways

Très mangue – Papillote de mangues trois façons It’s the season for those gorgeous keitt mangoes, so nothing better that using seasonal fruits. They only last for a couple of months so don’t miss on that. You will recognize them because they’re very large, and whose skin remains green even when [...]

Coconut quinoa flans with mango, rum and mint salad

Pudding de quinoa à la noix de coco et salade de mangues à la menthe et rhum I had a lot of fun this weekend, playing in my kitchen. I love to spend time trying out new recipes and exploring new ideas. Unfortunately it does not happen as often as I’d like due to lack of time, and trying to [...]

The soup we like, a little, a lot, passionately, …. – Plantain and mango soup with vanilla and rum

La soupe qu’on aime, un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, …. – Soupe de banane plantain et mangues à la vanille et rhum   One recipe adapted from “La Bonne Cuisine Végétarienne de Babette” with a creole inspiration. Who doesn’t like rum, vanilla and orange juice? I have never really cooked plantains [...]

Mango-Tango – Mango pudding with coconut milk and raspberries

Mango-Tango – Pudding de mangues au lait de coco et fraises Here is a refreshing pudding for the summer, filled with fruits and exotic flavors. My lovely neighbor Rui gave me this mango pudding a couple of months ago and I fell in love with it. This is an Asian dessert, served in many Chinese or [...]

Pudding or not pudding? – Mini mango, coconut and brioche pudding with caramel

Pudding or not pudding? – Mini pudding à la mangue, noix de coco et brioche au caramel I am not sure this can be called pudding, but a friend of mine came for dinner some time ago and I served her this as a dessert, and she said with enthusiasm “Oh Silvia! j’adore ton pudding!!”, so I figured she [...]

Monday crisy crisp – Warm mango, banana and pineapple crisp with mascarpone cream

Le petit croustillant du lundi – Croustillant chaud de mangue, banane et ananas, crème au mascarpone I adore filo dough but never use it. Do you believe it? I can drool over appetizers and desserts made with filo dough but when it’s time to buy it, I always forget or buy something else. So people [...]

One spoon for me and two for you – Scallops with mango and blood orange vinaigrette

Une cuillère pour moi, et deux pour toi – Cuillères de St Jacques à la vinaigrette de mangue et orange sanguine I bought so many different kinds of those cuillères (spoons) while in France, which was not really a necessity since they are also available in the US, but my mom shoved them in my [...]

As pretty as pearls – Coconut tapioca cream with mango compote

Aussi jolies que des perles – Crème de tapioca à la noix de coco et compote de mangues I was reading a French Elle magazine, I like Elle because they always have a great food/recipe section at the end called “Elle à Table” with fresh and modern recipes and tons of flavors. I got stuck on a tapioca [...]

A little snow and sun in a glass – Yogurt mousse with mango vanilla compote

Un peu de neige et de soleil dans un verre – Mousse de yaourt à la compote de mangue et vanille Did it ever happen to you to really want a dessert but just something light, refreshing and fruity? no chocolate, no cake, no cream, just a light dessert? Well today that’s what I really wanted. I had [...]
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