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Arugula salad with beets, blood orange and walnuts, citrus vinaigrette

Salade de roquette aux betteraves, oranges sanguines et noix – Vinaigrette d’agrumes I love this salad, it’s fresh, fragrant and in my opinion has a lot of character due to its vibrant colors and bold flavors. I made it a few weeks ago, then never posted it. All kind of oranges are in season right [...]

Fast food my way – Grilled tuna steak on brussels sprouts quinoa and roasted bell pepper relish

Fast food à ma façon – Steak de thon grillé, vinaigrette aux poivrons grillés et roquette avec quinoa aux choux de Bruxelles This is a recipe for those days you want to eat well and not spend a whole day in the kitchen. I can almost call this a fast food meal, and anything I classified in my [...]

Spring, here we are – Grilled beets, sweet potato and haloumi kebabs with arugula-lime dipping sauce

Printemps, nous voilà – Brochettes grillées de betteraves, patates douces et haloumi, sauce de roquette et citron vert Who said kekabs have to be with meat? you can do anything you usually do with meat using vegetables, some vegetables are more adapted to certain cooking methods, but are [...]

Fresh is so fresh – Eggplant caviar on tomato tartare and olive balsamic vinaigrette

Caviar d’aubergine sur tartare de tomates, vinaigrette d’olives noires et balsamique Caviar d’aubergine is a typical French dish, but it does not mean it includes caviar in its ingredient list, it’s basically a vegan dish if you don’t add the parmesan on top. Eggplant caviar is made out of [...]

The sandwich for uncomplicated people – Spicy chicken herb patty sandwich

Le sandwich pour les gens pas compliqués – Sandwich aux boulettes de poulet épicé et herbes One day I was challenged and told that I am incapable to do simple things, all I do is complicated (maybe that matches my complicated mind as well, since I am known to be une fille assez compliquée!) so I [...]

For the Sunday lunch – Arugula, Shrimp, fennel and chick pea salad

Per il pranzo della domenica – Insalata di gamberi, rucola, finocchio e ceci Happy Valentine’s day to everyone! Joyeuse St. Valentin! Valentine’s day is not only the celebration of love but also of friendship, so I think everyone is concerned. It seems like the celebration goes back to antiquity [...]

Tel Aviv lentil salad – Lentil and beet salad with arugula, feta and mint

La bonne salade aux lentilles de Tel Aviv – Salade de lentilles, roquette, betteraves à la feta et menthe On my stay in Tel Aviv, I walked almost all over the city for five days…the weather was beautiful, it felt so much like summer to me so while France was snowed in, I enjoyed my five days as if [...]

The fake crêpe readjusted – Socca stuffed with peppery greens, olives and goat cheese

La fausse crêpe réajustée – Socca farcie à la roquette, chicorée, olives et chèvre frais It looks like a crêpe, but is not one. It’s made out of chick pea flour and quite a popular little snack in the South of France. Actually there is an Italian version of it called “Farinata” or “Cecina”  [...]
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