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My little volcano – Egg nests in a green crater

Mon petit volcan – Nids d’oeufs en cratère vert I got inspired  by a very popular Turkish dish called “Mthlama” made out of Swiss chards, onions, mint and eggs. I used kale in this dish, simply because I love the texture of a thicker green leaf. Turkish cuisine has combined flavors of [...]

No reblochon, no tartiflette – Fake Tartiflette with asparagus and brie

Pas de reblochon, pas de tartiflette – fausse Tartiflette végétarienne aux brie et asperges If you’ve been to Savoie (Savoy), you’ve probably tasted one of their specialties, la Tartiflette. Unlike what it may sounds, Tartiflette is not a tart. It’s not an old dish either. Most recipes derive [...]

I like it upside down -Tart tatin with artichokes, caramelized onions and manchego cheese

Je l’aime à l’envers – Tarte tatin aux artichauts, oignons caramélisés, et manchego Who said tarte tatin is made with apples and is a dessert? Even though tarte tatin IS a traditional French dessert made with apples (most French restaurants do serve it on their menu with a scoop of vanille ice [...]

Mother duck just laid some eggs! – Duck egg omelette with onions, tomatoes, goat cheese and herbs

Mère canard a aussi pondu – Omelette aux oeufs de canard, onions, tomates, chèvre et herbes I found those beautiful duck eggs at Whole Foods a couple of days ago, among quail and ostrich eggs! I bought six and just two were left so I figured that was going to be my lunch. First I wasn’t sure if I [...]

Focaccia or Schiacciata? – Stuffed schiacciata with onions, zucchini, mushrooms and fontina

Focaccia o schiacciata? – Schiacciata ripiena con cipolle, zucchine, funghi e fontina Even though this week is a crazy week, I think I am even crazier to be cooking, when I should be either packing or painting or working on some menus and certainly not working on my blog. I am just a little [...]

Feel like savory tarts again? Roquefort, onions and walnut tartlets

Encore envie de tarte salée? – Tartelettes au roquefort, oignons et noix My downstair neighbor John who happens also to take care of the building, came to show me a cookbook a friend of his offered him, and he wanted me to take a look at it, see if I knew the chef who was French (originally from [...]

Are there still fishes in the sea? – Salmon tart with spinach, onions and dill on a black sesame seeds, chili and herb crust

Y a t-il encore des poissons dans la mer? – Tarte au saumon, épinards, onions et aneth avec pâte au sésame, piment et herbes I love my rectangular molds and think I haven’t used them that much, so I need to place them somewhere I can see them, otherwise I tend to forget I have them. What a shame. [...]
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