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Smoke salmon, broccoli purée and spinach timbale, dill sauce

Timbale de purée de brocoli, épinards et saumon fumé, sauce aneth I had some broccoli that I needed to use, and I did not feel like eating them in pieces, so I figured if I made purée, what else could I combine them with. One thing led to one other and one thought led to one other, so here it is, [...]

Brick stuffed with curried vegetable, yogurt herb sauce

Bricks de légumes au curry, sauce yaourt aux herbes I got inspired by Indian samosas when I made those. I felt like eating something spicy, salty, but not greasy and since I bought a few brick packs when I was in France, with an expiration date coming close, I figured let’s make something that [...]

To start or end the week with happiness – Herb and walnut breaded salmon with broccoli salsa

Pour commencer la semaine ou la finir en gaieté – Saumon pané aux noix et herbes, salsa de brocolis Here I am, in France again visiting my parents. I made this recipe while in the US a while ago and never managed to finish it. So I figured to post it from France even if it has nothing to do with [...]

Hearty green risotto – Risotto with cream of broccoli

Risotto con crema al broccolo You might say that this is not real risotto since it’s made with brown arborio rice, so as with any brown rices, you don’t get the creaminess of regular arborio. Honestly I love the texture of brown arborio, it’s chewiness, nutty flavor and wholesomeness. Of course, [...]

Eat your broccoli! – Almond shrimps with broccoli purée

Mange tes brocolis! – Crevettes aux amandes et purée de brocoli Nothing too fancy in this post, but rather a very simple combination of shrimps and broccoli. Very few ingredients that work well together. Vegetable purée is a great way to have the kids who are reluctant to eat vegetable actually [...]

Fall colors – Soup of Spinach, broccoli, leeks with whole wheat orzo and mimolette

Couleurs d’Automne – Soupe aux épinards, broccoli et poireaux, aux risoni complets et mimolette Winter is soup time, and when I ran into mimolette, I could not resist. I had not seen Mimolette before in the US and I was so excited. I had planned to make a gratin, and a soup with it, but the cheese [...]

My little melting heart – Broccoli and oats galettes stuffed with mozzarella, harissa sauce with roasted red pepper

Mon petit coeur fondant – Galettes de broccoli, avoine, au coeur de mozzarella, sauce harissa aux poivrons grillés Don’t you love when your refrigerator is filled with vegetables? You open the door and all you can see is a bundle of colors. Unfortunately, today, I only had a bunch of broccoli [...]
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